Can I tether my dog outside to enjoy the fresh air? Sec 5-105

Yes, your dog can be tethered outside under certain conditions. A) An adult must be home. B) the dog cannot be tethered between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am. C) The dog must be attached to the tether by a leather or nylon collar or harness. No choke collars or pinch collars. The collar must be the circumference of the animal’s neck plus one inch. D) tether must be designed for dogs,--No log chains. E) Tether must be at least 12 ft. long, unbroken and free of tangles F) tether must be placed where the dog cannot be in danger of being strangled or hanged. G) placement of tether much be in an area free of debris and obstacles. H) tethered dog must be able to reach water, shelter and dry ground. I) tethered animal must not be out in extreme weather such as heat greater than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, freezing temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or less, tornados, hail or rain. J) each dog must be tethered in separate areas so as not to be entangled. K) Any tethering system shall not allow the dog to reach within six (6) feet of the public right-of-way, public access to the structure, the sidewalk to the structure or any door that may be accessed by the public or emergency services or neighboring property lines.

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