Street Department

Snow Plow

101 E. Second
Cameron, MO  64429

Ph: (816) 632-2177
Fx: (816) 632-1067


Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Winter Snow Plowing Policy:

The streets of Cameron are divided into three priority groups.

  • Level One streets are the thoroughfares and main collectors, marked as emergency snow routes.
  • Level Two are the residential collectors.
  • Level Three includes all other residential streets including cul-de-sacs.

    The Street Department begins pre-treating or anti-icing on the streets marked Emergency Snow Routes directly before the snow event begins. Crews will work to maintain these roads during the snow event until late into the night. Once the snow event is over and there is accumulation of two inches or more, plowing operations begin on the remainder of streets.

    In the downtown business district, equipment, and trucks will load snow out since there is no area to store the snow. Snow will be pushed into piles on the north side of Third Street and around McCorkle Park until crews can return to load. This area is no parking from 2 am to 6 am, which is usually the time crews will load the snow, within one day after the storm event ends.

    The City does not plow alleyways or plow private property and does not remove snow deposited in driveways and around mailboxes caused by snowplows. Snow removal on parking lots and sidewalks is the property owners’ responsibility

    Salt pre-treated is applied to the emergency snow routes, intersections, and hills when there is frozen moisture on the pavement. The Street Department also pre-treats the streets before accumulation starts with a liquid pre-treatment and salt brine combination.

    Slick area calls are handled as quickly as possible; however, during a winter storm event, we do not break from our priority routes unless a Police or Fire emergency arises.

    Things citizens can do to help improve snow removal operations are:

    1. Make sure to have the proper snow or all-weather tires on your vehicle to prevent you from getting stuck.
    2. Move your vehicle and park off street.
    3. Make sure the front edge of your mailbox is no closer than the back edge of the curb or edge of street. (Street Department is not responsible for mailboxes damaged that are closer than the back of the curb)
    4. To lessen the amount of snow deposited at the mouth of the driveway when the snow plow comes by, shovel the snow to the left side of the driveway as you face your house and shovel open an area on the right side, so the snow plow deposits what is on the plow before it reaches your driveway.

The City of Cameron asks citizens to report potholes using the Request Tracker module on this website.  Citizens using this module will be updated as to the progress of getting their issue repaired.