City of Cameron Cemeteries

The City of Cameron manages and maintains five cemeteries. Lots may be purchased for $600 by contacting the City Clerk.

A cemetery lot may accommodate one traditional burial or four cremation burials. An exception to the rule is that an infant child may be buried with its mother if casket or vault height does exceed 18 inches.

Cemetery Regulations

No fences or enclosures around cemetery lots are permitted. No plantings of any kind are permitted in the cemeteries. Any plantings will be done by cemetery maintenance personnel to harmonize with the general landscaping theme. Any plantings, jugs, or bric-a-brac of any description placed on any cemetery lot may be removed by the City.

Notice of any interment in the City cemeteries shall be given to the City Clerk at least 24 hours in advance. An owner of any City cemetery lot is forbidden to allow an interment to be made in his lot for any remuneration.

Cemetery GIS

The above is a link to a searchable map of the Evergreen, Packard, Graceland and Graceland Memorial Cemeteries.

Cemetery Etiquette

When visiting cemeteries, please observe these general rules of etiquette:

  • Keep your vehicle on the roadways and do not drive on the grass.
  • Remain on the same route as the lead vehicle if in a funeral procession.
  • Refrain from touching older monuments and gravestone (some may be unstable).
  • Understand the basic shape of a grave, walk between headstones, trying not to walk or stand on a burial space.
  • Be sympathetic and respectful of mourners and graves.
  • Refrain from taking photos of funerals and mourners.
  • Children should remain with adults and instructed on cemetery etiquette.
  • Follow any posted cemetery rules.
  • Cemeteries are dusk to dawn use only for normal purposes.
  • Do not litter.

Cemetery Activities

The Cemeteries can also be a peaceful place to take a walk and enjoy the outdoors.  The Historical Preservation Society and Cameron Depot have put together a Historic Figure Scavenger Hunt and a Packard Cemetery Walking Tour with a tour map for your enjoyment.  Please follow cemetery etiquette while visiting the Cameron Cemeteries.