City Manager



Steve Rasmussen
City Manager

205 N. Main
Cameron, MO  64429

Ph: (816) 632-2177
Fx: (816) 632-1067


Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The City Manager is appointed by City Council to serve as the City’s Chief Administrative Officer. As the Personnel Officer, the City Manager is responsible for appointing, suspending, and removing all of the officers and employees of the City except for the City Clerk. The Manager also performs all other duties as may be prescribed for the Manager by the City Codes or as directed by Council. The Manager is entitled to sit with Council and all of the City’s boards and commissions and take part in any discussions, but shall have no vote.

The City Manager's other functions include:
  • Planning, directing, controlling, and evaluating City operations and services.
  • Preparing and submitting the annual budget and Capital Improvements Program.
  • Keeping Council advised of the City’s financial condition and future needs.
  • Recommending policy changes for City Council consideration.
  • Supervising a subordinate staff of Directors.
  • Assisting the City Council in developing strategic goals and implementing said goals.
  • Developing programs and strategies to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of City operations.
  • Assisting citizens, outside agencies, developers, local community groups, and others in resolving problems or enhancing relationships with City of Cameron government.
  • Developing public relations and information programs to provide information to the general public about City operations and programs.
  • Implementing City Council policy decisions and ensuring that all City contracts and ordinances and the laws of the State of Missouri are enforced.
  • Developing and enforcing administrative rules and regulations.
  • Dealing with federal, state, regional, and local governmental agencies.
  • Negotiating contracts and other legal agreements.