City Codes

Codes and Ordinances 

The City of Cameron Code is a compilation of standards, rules, and regulations that govern how the City of Cameron is managed. Each chapter of the Code covers a different area of the City's responsibility.

Chapter 13, Zoning, was removed from the Code in 1988 to become a separate, stand-alone document. Additionally, the Property Maintenance Code, which is referenced in Chapter 3 of the Code, is a stand-alone section.

The International Building Code (IBC) 2015 has been adopted by the City of Cameron. This code provides minimum standards for building and because it is recognized internationally, builders and contractors are familiar with what is required and expected for projects in Cameron. For further explanation of the City's decision to adopt the IBC see "Why We Adopted the IBC." Copies of the 2015 IBC are available for public viewing at City Hall.

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