Boards & Commissions

Advisory Groups

The City of Cameron has a number of advisory boards and commissions comprised of volunteers from within the community who serve without compensation. Generally, these commissions make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding actions and policies affecting municipal government, City departments, and the community.

Citizens who desire to serve on a City board or commission may do so by submitting a Board Application to the City Clerk's Office. All meetings are open to the public.

Boards & Commissions

Board of Adjustment -5 year terms/meet as needed  

  • Kent Osborn (exp>2022)
  • VACANT (exp>2021)
  • Mike O’Donnell (exp>2025)
  • Scotty Massey (exp>2023)
  • Larry Rader (exp>2024)

Cameron Industrial Development Authority -6 year terms  

  • Jack Randall (exp>2020)
  • Sam Hiner (exp>2020)
  • Mark Garges (exp>2022)
  • Kent Osborn (exp>2022)
  • Jack Briggs (exp>2024)

Cemetery Board - Meet Annually  

  • Delores McCool
  • Vera Lou Newell
  • Virginia Rhoades
  • Howard Hackett
  • Sylvia Fenn

Housing Authority Board - 4 year terms  

  • Debbie Hahn (exp>2021)
  • Betty Weigand (exp>2023)
  • Jack Briggs (exp>2024)
  • Nancy Leach (exp>2022)
  • Shirley Combs (exp>2021)

Library Board - 3 year terms  

  • Jennifer Wingler (exp>2023)
  • Linda Morris (exp>2023)
  • Pat Steele (exp>2023)
  • Philip Robinson (exp>2021)
  • Tim Walley (exp>2021)
  • Robert Stoebener (exp>2021)
  • Mary Bradford (exp>2022)
  • Christopher Eckert (exp>2022)
  • Cindy Conrad (exp>2022)

Park Board (Tree Board) - 3 year terms 

  • Jason Jones (exp>2022)
  • Jennifer Helmich (exp>2022)
  • Chris Wilkinson (exp>2022)
  • Corey Brown (exp>2023)
  • Al Briggs (exp>2023)
  • Carrie Sybert (exp>2023)
  • Matt Arndt (exp>2021)
  • Wendy Copple (exp>2021)
  • Bill Gimson (exp>2021)

Planning and Zoning Commission - 4 year terms 

  • Tom Hamlet (exp>2021)
  • George Pratt (exp>2021)
  • Delvin Jackson (exp>2024)
  • Mike O’Donnell (exp>2024)
  • Stan Hendrix (exp>2022)
  • Mark Garges (exp>2023)
  • Debbie Hahn (exp>2022)

Tax Increment Financing Commission - 4 year terms 

  • Quinten Lovejoy(exp>2022
  • Michael Russell (exp>2021)
  • Randy Gould (exp>2021)
  • Mike O’Donnell (exp>2023)
  • Stephanie Williams (exp>2023)

Council Representative-Darlene Breckenridge

School District - Matt Robinson and Mary Tyrrell

DeKalb Co/not represented - Jim McKinley

DeKalb County - Garry McFee and Harold Allison